TrapCraft mod

Mod TrapCraft - traps for minecraft, hunting for animals

The TrapCraft mod adds several types of hunting devices to Minecraft, with them you can make dangerous traps for mobs and players, among them are:
Traps; Hunting spikes; Chest-Magnet; Fan; Scarecrow(Jora); Igniter; grass cover Chest - magnet

TrapCraft mod - trap mod
Quite an effective way to capture the destruction of living creatures, though not humane. To place a trap on the ground, right-click on the ground with the trap in hand. Now, when a creature steps on the trap, it will slam shut, and its sharp teeth will pierce the victim, preventing it from moving, and slowly killing it


The placement of spikes is similar to the placement of traps. Spikes, unlike traps, do not hold prey in place, they simply pierce it, causing damage


An item used to collect loot. The Magnet Chest will pick up all the loot lying around. Recommended to use for collecting loot from traps


We place the igniter on the block, bring the redstone wire to it, activate it. Wuo la, our trap is on fire

TrapCraft mod - trap mod
The igniter can be upgraded by simply placing an igniter module into it. Each module increases the number of combustible blocks when the igniter is activated by 1 block.

After placement and activation, it will "blow" all objects and mobs away from itself, for about 5 blocks

Grass cover

It is a thin grass "plate" that, when hit, all mobs, including the player, fall down. Used to mask traps