Thaumcraft mod - taumcraft, a large magic mod.

This is a very huge magic mod, the passage of which can take months and believe you will not be bored. The study of this mod is very interesting, you will open a lot of research, study aspects, create altars with which you will make mysterious magical artifacts. Explore the world, find magical ruins, wander through the lost ancient worlds, create golems that will obey and carry out your orders, do alchemy, cleanse the world from infection, or create it. Close the rifts in reality, create magic stones with which you can destroy the world and much, much more...

Over the years of development, the mod has changed significantly:

Thaumcraft version depends on Minecraft version, on version 1.7.x Thaumcraft 4 version, on 1.8x - Thaumcraft 5, on 1.10.2+ - Thaumcraft 6.

Thaumcraft 3:
This version is quite old, but still interesting. There is no smell of a thaumometer here, and you can forget about creating items on the altar. To start the game, just craft a wand and click on the bookshelf, as in most versions of thaumcraft.

Research in this version is quite simple, just put objects with the necessary aspects for research on the research table and press the button, you're done. If you do not know what aspects are in this or that subject, just press Shift and visit the item.

Alchemy is very simple, as in all versions of this mod, you just need to throw the necessary items into the crucible and specifically in this version, press the crucible with a magic wand, the wand should be charged with vis. The thaumonomicon contains all the requirements for a particular craft.

Golems are quite primitive, they have no improvements, but there are more than enough decorations :D.

Thaumcraft 4:
The start of the game in this version of taumcraft is very simple, you need to craft the initial magic wand and click it on the bookshelf, this action will give you the main guide book for this mod “Thaumonomicon”.

In this version of taumcraft, a lot depends on the magic wand, 99% of all crafting and creating things is done with it. Specifically, in this version of the mod, you will have to travel a lot in order to find more and more vis nodes, with which you will charge your wand until you have researched “Taming vis” and study them with a thaumometer to get the missing aspects.

It is worth talking about research in this version, they take place in a rather complicated way, with the help of a research table, an inkwell, paper and a thaumonomicon, you must cross aspects according to a special formula until they connect with each other. Also, the difficulty is that aspects are constantly ending and you will either have to split items or travel even more. You can see more about this in this guide (

Alchemy here is also done quite interestingly, it happens by creating a special crucible and heating water in it, after which you need to throw objects with the necessary aspects and a catalyst into it, wow, you are an alchemist. Recipes for items can be found in the game itself, using the thaumonomicon in the “Alchemy” section.

You can also create various inventions using the Rune Matrix Altar, for this you need to create the altar itself, arrange the necessary items in it and place jars of essence around it. After these actions, it is enough to click on the matrix with a magic wand charged for the required number of aspects and you are done, you have made the item. You can read more about this system in the thaumonomicon itself.

Golems, which are common in this version, are created using alchemy and follow simple orders, such as collecting things in such and such an area and putting them in such and such a chest, monitoring the farm, and others. They also have slots for upgrades, or decorations.

Thaumcraft 5:
This version of the mod is almost the same as 4, however, the thaumometer and the research system have been reworked quite a bit here.

Research has been simplified a bit, due to the fact that now you do not need to constantly replenish aspects, for each research you will be given a fixed number of basic aspects from which you will create the necessary ones. But this is also bad at the same time, because research will take longer and you will need to memorize the formulas of aspects, or else open the thaumonomicon with their formulas all the time. Also, if you make a mistake enough times, you will have to re-create research notes, since you will not be able to get more aspects.

Thaumometer now only serves to unlock aspects, not to acquire them. It also lost its interface, with its new version you will see question marks on unstudied blocks, mobs and other things, just click on the object and you will get new aspects.

Nothing else has changed much, some new research has been added and some old ones have been removed. Also, some pictures and models have been redesigned, and this is an old

good thaumcraft 4 versions.

Thaumcraft 6:
This version can be called a completely different mod, since almost everything in it has been changed and redesigned. Also forget everything you knew about magic wands, because in this version of the mod they simply do not exist, and all the crafting of structures takes place using a special magic powder. To start the game in this version, it is enough to find any crystal, pick it up and sleep, in the morning you will receive a book with instructions on how to get the thaumonomicon.

Research and the thaumometer is again completely redesigned, if the thaumometer still has a lot in common with previous versions, then the new research is a completely new system. They have become much easier, because now you don’t need to memorize anything and climb for recipes, it’s enough to read the cards that you drop out in the research table and collect cards with points for the branch of the thaumonomicon you need, so you will receive theory points.
You still need to scan the world with a thaumometer, but now there are no aspects in the game and for research you will receive observation points, which you will later need in studying the thaumonomicon and creating items.

If you really liked the knob system and you were worried that with the loss of magic wands you would lose it, then you don’t have to worry. Auromancy is a replacement for thaumaturgy, now the creation of knobs is a whole science. You can create whole chains of knob effect circuits, you are no longer limited by the number of knobs, since now you can make them yourself.

Don't forget about the golems, because in this version they are made so divine that it's hard to convey, but I'll try anyway. Now you have to build a whole factory to create them, you have to choose their components, arms, head, body, materials and upgrades. Also in this version, the seals were redesigned, they are no longer inserted into the golem, but placed directly on the ground, walls, or even the ceiling, and not all golems will be able to use seals, because for a particular seal you need to create your own golem, with your skills and improvement.

The crafting system for inventions has not changed, but the effects, model and recipes have changed, as well as new instability controllers.