Techguns Mod

The Techguns Mod is a huge mod that adds a bunch of modern weapons and armor to minecraft, machines for making them and related things, even for decoration.

This is a major mod that will add new materials to the game and the ability to create high-tech weapons by processing new materials in different machines and installations. The mod contains many types of armor with different properties such as radiation protection and of course a large number of weapons, both conventional firearms like pistols, machine guns and machine guns, as well as super fantastic ones, various blasters, gauss guns, acid electric weapons, etc. etc. The mod will change the evil mobs, now they will become much more dangerous, because they can be armed with weapons from this mod, they can also have armor on them. By the way, when killing mobs, they can beautifully scatter into pieces in a cloud of blood and guts, or burn (annihilate).

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting and high-quality weapon mods for minecraft pe, because all these blasters and guns have beautiful graphic effects and realistic sounds, they can destroy the surface (you can turn it off).