Superheroes by FiskFille (Fisk's)

Mod Superheroes by FiskFile - superheroes and superpowers for minecraft.

An excellent mod that will add a large number of different suits and armor of superheroes to the game, wearing the whole suit you will get different superpowers, the ability to fly, shoot spikes, lasers, pass through buildings, become invisible, run very fast, increase or decrease, and much more.

In total, the mod adds about 35+ types of costumes of various famous superheroes, here you will meet Flash, Batman, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Atom Smasher, Arsenal, Green Arrow, Prometheus, Captain Amirica, Falcon, Martian Manhunter and even Senior Cactus and others.

All costumes give different effects when wearing a whole set of the same type. There are different types of flash suits and it's easy to mix up the parts.
After you put on the suit, you will have a special indicator and with the help of additional keys you will be able to control various superpowers.

Control keys:
The main keys used in different ko suits for different things:
N M J K H Right Shift.

What are the most interesting super powers?

Cool iron man suits, they can be removed and the suit itself will protect you, you can realistically fly on it and shoot from a repulsor. In a flash suit, you can speed up and slow down, all at the same time. In the suit of a fiery man, you can shoot fireballs, as well as water enemies with a fiery stream. In the Ant-Man costume, you can shrink to a small state, and in another costume, grow to a huge size. In the suit of a Martian hunter, you can pass through buildings, become invisible, fly, shoot lasers from your eyes, turn into other players. All other suits give different positive effects, the ability to shoot different objects, immunity to something and so on. Also, the mod will add racks for armor, several new types of ores from which all costumes are created on a special workbench, as well as various weapons associated with certain heroes. The mod is very cool and high quality, highly recommended for the game.

New versions of the mod and the beginning of the game:

In addition to new heroes and abilities, the author added new dimensions to the mod (the ability to visit the moon), and also created a way to get costumes in survival mode, you can open costumes with rainbow gold and create them in a special installation.

Hostile bugs - Creetles will spawn in most forests at night, they drop Creetle Shells and it is used to create Iridescent Gold.