ProjectE (Equivalent Exchange 2)

ProjectE is a Minecraft mod that adds the ability to perform "transmutation" of substances, also known as "Equivalent Exchange" in the game. This means players are able to convert one material into another, using a device called the Transmutation Tablet.

To use the Transmutation Tablet, players will first need to gather raw materials and organize them into a pattern on the tablet's interface. The materials will then be consumed and replaced with a different material, determined by the pattern used.

The mod also includes a variety of other features, such as the ability to convert energy into matter and vice versa, and the ability to create powerful items such as the Philosopher's Stone and the Energy Condenser.

One of the key advantages of ProjectE is its compatibility with other mods, allowing players to use the transmutation feature with a wide range of materials and items.

The mod is designed to be highly configurable, allowing players to adjust the settings to their liking. It also has a wide range of options for different types of graphics cards, making it accessible for players with lower-end hardware.

Some players have noted that the mod can be a bit resource-intensive, so players may need to make adjustments to their settings to ensure smooth performance.

Overall, ProjectE is an excellent mod for players who enjoy tinkering and experimentation in Minecraft. It adds a unique and interesting gameplay mechanic that allows players to convert one material into another, using the Transmutation Tablet.

The mod has:

  • Transmutation!
  • EMC!
  •  Rings!
  • Epic Toolkit!
  • Catalyst of destruction!
  • Energy Capacitors!
  •  Red stuff stoves!
  •  Alchemy bags!
  • The most powerful and destructive dynamite!
  • Support for other mods!