Modern Weapons Pack (Warfare)

The Modern Weapons Pack, also known as the Modern Warfare Content Pack, is a modern pack, a large pack of modern weapons and equipment for Flans.

This is the official pack that will add to the game a large number of modern weapons and armor, as well as quite a lot of different equipment, tanks, planes, helicopters, jeeps, turrets.
Previously, this pack was called the Modern Weapons Pack and only added weapons, but now it has also been put in a lot of equipment and is now called the Modern Warfare Content Pack.
The pack itself is quite high-quality and varied, different armor and different types of weapons, from pistols and machine guns to grenade launchers, claymores, grenades and even a minigun, the equipment pack adds several varieties of tanks, helicopters and fighters, as well as an air defense system and several jeeps.

Making things:
All weapons are created through a block - a box with modern weapons, select the desired weapon in it and see its price.