Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Mod Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) is a global and very large mod for the popular anime Blade that cuts demons. The mod adds a lot of content related to this anime to minecraft, you can become a demon hunter or a demon himself, fight each other with breath or various demonic techniques. Many different decorative buildings will appear in the game world, there are new biomes.

The mod adds most of the features and characters shown in the anime, becoming a hunter you will get a sword and several specific attacks (breath), they have different usage mechanics and beautiful visual effects. During the day, you can meet other hunters, they will be neutral, but if you attack them, you can only fight with basic weapons, defeating the hunter can get some of his abilities.

At night, demons will appear in the game world, they are aggressive and dangerous, many have unique and very dangerous attacks (demonic techniques), defeating them you can also get these abilities with some chance and use them in battle. By killing demons you will become stronger, your skills will deal more damage, you will advance faster and have more health.

The beginning of the game and the main mechs:

To become a hunter, you must kill a demon and get a Nichirin Sword and demon slayer equipment from it, or create a sword from 2 new ores, after activation it will take on a random color, and you will get unique breathing abilities.

You can switch breath abilities by pressing R, and then activate it with a sword. To become a demon, you need to find the Muzan Blood Ore ore, and eat the drop from it, but you need to do this at night, the demons die during the day. The mod has achievements that can help with development.