IronMan mod

Mod IronMan - will add iron man suits to minecraft, the ability to fly and shoot.

A very interesting mod in which you can, like Tony Stark, assemble several types of iron man suits, you can fly and use weapons, and to create it you will have to master the technology to generate energy.

So, how to become an iron man in minecraft?
By itself, the mod only adds armor, but thanks to the use of materials from third-party mods, you can build an entire technical laboratory. The core for the mod will add to the game a set of new ores, metals and some derivatives of them, vanilla ores are almost never used in the mod.

For a large number of technical components and their production, the Ender IO or Thermal Expansion mod is used. You need to assemble the components of the costume, there are several different pieces with different parameters. All of them can fly and shoot with a repulsor, as well as accumulate energy from Tony Stark's reactor.