Hbm's Nuclear Tech

The Hbm's Nuclear Tech mod will add a lot of weapons and even nuclear bombs to the minecraft, as well as new ores and materials + machines for processing them into fuel and the bombs themselves.

What new mod does Hbm's Nuclear Tech add?

First of all, these are new ores, uranium, titanium, copper, aluminum, trinitite, etc., from everything you can make new blocks, ingots, dust, etc.
Machines, quite a lot of different machines for processing materials and making items + generators and wires, in fact this is an industrial mod.
A variety of weapons, from simple to fantastic + weapons from games, such as the mini nuclear gun from Fallout.
Many different grenades, plasma, light, nuclear.
radiation and other effects.
Some food from the games and just cool food on the theme of the nuclear apocalypse.
Military helicopter that flies and attacks targets.
Various ballistic missiles.
Atomic, thermonuclear bombs that will destroy the whole map and cause wild lags.

How to deal with Hbm's Nuclear Tech mod?

Unfortunately, there are no sensible guides and reviews of the mod, not at all, there is not even a normal English-language wiki, there is a small wiki that indicates what materials can be made in which machine.

Mini fashion guide:

I'll show you a little and tell you how you can play around with this mod, stupidly explode.

So, in general, this is a very cool and very technological mod, it will go both for entertainment and for playing, its only drawback is the lack of some kind of normal wiki.
The effects are cool, there are sounds, visual effects from explosions, but all this loads the computer very much.
During the explosion of the king of the bomb (the most powerful bomb detonated on planet Earth), there were wild lags for several minutes, the processor load was 90% and 5 GB of RAM was gobbled up. The radius of destruction of the king of the bomb is very, very large, be careful.