Extra Utilities 2

The Extra Utilities mod is a rather large and popular magical-industrial mod that does not have a clear focus or idea, but is perfect for any techno-magic build, as it adds various useful tools, some weapons and many different generators and other machines .

Among the tools there are sticks for construction, sickles for harvesting grass and leaves, a glass cutter for extracting glass blocks. A special lasso will allow you to move mobs, evil and good.

Fashion has its own GP energy, it cannot be stored, and wires are not needed for transmission, it will be remade by itself for any consumers. You can generate energy with your hands, solar, lunar panels, windmills, lava generators, etc. You can spend energy on machines that, for example, allow you to convert resources into other, more valuable ones.

In addition to GP energy, you can also generate more common RF energy, there are also a whole bunch of generators for this. You can also create a system for transporting objects and liquids, as well as improve it, all this will automate some processes.

You can spend RF energy on resource extraction using quarries, or on terraforming (changing a biome to another one).