Electroblob's Wizardry

Mod Electroblob's Wizardry - will add magic and spells, mana, wands, books, clothes, magic to minecraft.

A large and very high-quality magic mod that greatly improves the game with its capabilities, cast dozens of spells, look for books, replenish mana.
I want to say right away that the mod has been translated into Russian, inside there is an extremely detailed book - a guide that shows and tells everything you need to know.

The essence of the mod is that you can create and use a magic wand, there are many different options, from a beginner's wand to a master's wand, they can perform different spells, store different amounts of mana.
There are also ways to improve wands on a certain topic, for example, on fire and the effectiveness of fire spells will increase by a certain percentage.

New ore will spawn in the world from which you will extract crystals, it is with them that you can "charge" your wands in a special workbench.
Also all over the world you can find spell books, they will not be readable, you need to explore them by adding them to the wand and applying, after which you will find out what kind of spell it is and you can read about it by opening the book.

At the moment when you have a wand in your hands, the current spell will be displayed on the left, you can build up to 5 different spells into each wand and switch between them using the B and N keys

There are a lot of spells, both attacking and defensive, for jumping, for restoring health, for lighting the area, and much more.
Also, the mod will add magical clothes that also accumulate mana and protect you.
In the world you will find other wizards who can sell you books.