Draconic Evolution Mod

The Draconic Evolution mod is a popular industrial mod that combines magic and technology to create extremely powerful items. The mod adds the ability to build an energy reactor and an energy storage with an almost infinite capacity, as well as many other features, including: automatic mob farms, teleportation, control over time and space, very powerful armor, tools and weapons, as well as a very powerful boss

The mod adds its own ore - dragonium, then it is actively used in all things mod. If you want to generate a lot of energy, then the dragon reactor is for you, it is very powerful and efficient, but be careful, otherwise it will smash the floor of the map for you. You will need such a large amount of energy, because the mod adds new ways to obtain materials, and they are very energy-intensive.

There is a Russian wiki for this mod, and if you install the additional Project Intelligence mod, you will get an in-game guide that is also translated into Russian. It will not be very difficult to deal with this mod, this is really an awesome mod that adds a huge number of new features.