Anvil Infinity Craft

Anvil Infinity Craft mod - gauntlet and infinity stones

A mod that will add to the game known from the Avengers movie series - an infinity glove into which you can insert infinity stones to get super powers, fly, kill mobs, change size, become invisible, immortal, open portals.

Thanks to this mod, you can create, or rather find and put together a glove and all the stones.
Each stone will give you different abilities.

Stone Abilities:
-Huge melee damage, immunity to attacks, powerful blaster.

Reality Stone
- invisibility and the ability to reduce or increase.

Soul stone
-huge health and regeneration, and if you have all the stones, you can kill half of all the creatures in the world.

Time stone
- currently no abilities

Mind stone
Flight and the ability to carry blocks and mobs with telekinesis

Space stone
- added via the HeroesExpansion mod
allows you to make portals to any dimension and any coordinates