​ Industrial Craft2

Industrial Craft2 is one of the largest, oldest and most popular mods for Minecraft.

Industrial craft adds industry and everything connected with it to the game. Thanks to the mod, you can create automated production and processing of materials. The mod brings to the game a lot of new resources that it uses. The mod is good for playing only with it, but it reveals all the charm when playing with add-ons or in combination with other mods.

Thanks to industrial crafting, you can build incredibly technological bases, and not just houses and castles.
The mod adds realistic ores, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc. and a lot of block machines in which you can process them using energy (similar to electricity).

As you progress in the mod, you will be able to build more productive machines, obtain hard-to-find materials, and create very advanced armor or tools based on them.

Nuclear power is available in the mod, to create reactors you will have to build large multi-block structures from different blocks and machines.