Decimation - Zombie Apocalypse

Mod Decimation - Zombie Apocalypse - global zombie apocalypse mod for minecraft.

A huge, just a giant mod that completely changes minecraft, turning it into a kind of copy of Dayz in the world of minecraft, a lot of weapons and decor blocks, a lot of zombies, physics, clothes, devices, sounds and much more, it's just a different game.

In fact, this is not quite a mod, this is a huge project focused mainly on multiplayer, it will completely change minecraft, including the main menu of the game:

You can play on servers, but unfortunately you need a license.
Although you can create your own world and play offline:

Let's see what's interesting in fashion:

Thirst, hunger, as well as various effects such as radiation, bleeding, infection, etc.

Now the game has a body, the ability to crawl, crouch, there is an animation of movements.

Now the game does not have the usual crafting and inventory, it has been completely changed:

It is also possible to develop your character by improving

The game has a huge amount of new, new sounds, new physics.

Blocks and items:
Now in creative mode, a huge number of functional and decorative items are available, among them:
30+ new weapons with animations. A bunch of clothes, body armor, backpacks, helmets and masks. Melee weapon with new physics. A bunch of decorative blocks to build your own maps and cities in the style of a zombie apocalypse.

The mod has one significant drawback:
When creating a map in a single player game, there are no scenery, buildings, loot, and everything in the world, that is, this is an ordinary world in which there are a lot of zombies, but in fact there is nothing to do here. (or I didn't find anything).
That is, this mod is focused more on playing on existing servers, or you can create your own scenery, but just playing, survival alone will not work, alas.

How to start the game in single player mode?

If you have the latest version of the DecimationVoiceChat mod and addon, then there will be a green PLAY button in the main menu
If the version is not the latest, or some components are missing, there will be an UPDATE button.
If you update, the game will download both the mod and everything you need in the mods folder, be careful, delete the old file before starting the game.
After clicking on Play, a list of servers will appear, at the bottom there is a Singleplayer button