Just Enough Items (JEI)

The Just Enough Items (JEI) mod adds a display of all game blocks and items in the inventory menu, in it you can see all game blocks and blocks from mods and see their crafting recipe (if any).

With JEI it is very easy to deal with new mods, because all the recipes will be visible, they do not need to be memorized, and complex mods will show in detail how items are created. The mod is one of the most needed and is a continuation of such cult mods as NEI and TMI, but this mod does not have cheating features such as changing the weather, time of day or game mode.
List of all blocks and items:
In the inventory menu you will see a multi-page list of all blocks and items in the game and mods.
Crafting recipe display:
Crafts of game items from mods are also shown, if the craft exists, and if the mod, or rather the method of creating the item, supports JEI.
To use, aim at an item and press R
You can add blocks and items to favorites (on the left half of the inventory), to do this, hover over the item and press A.
Automatic craft:
If you are in the workbench inventory and you have everything you need in your inventory, the mod will fill the workbench on its own, just press +
Additional search bar features:
You can use special characters:
@modname - finds all blocks and items belonging to this mod.
#hand - search by hints
$gold - ore dictionary search
Cheating mode:
It is activated by the combination CTRL + left mouse button on the settings button (next to the search bar), or in the mod settings.
The mode allows you to take items from the list on the right, single click LMB or RMB will take 1 item, Shift + LMB will take 64 items.