The CraftTweaker mod change, remove, add recipes is a modern version of the MineTweaker mod. This mod will allow you to change, add your own crafts in the game and in mods for the game in not very complicated ways. You can disable crafting, or balance it, or just change the amount of resources.

This mod is especially useful when creating your own servers, or when creating modpacks where there is a crafting conflict, or you want to combine crafting mods to create certain things.
In this mod, there is no beautiful and visual interface in the game, all operations are performed by prescribing certain commands in the config file. (script file). But don't be upset, there is a Russian wiki with examples, and several guides on our site, because all the guides, rules and commands for CraftTweaker come from MineTweaker.

How to use the CraftTweaker mod?

First install the mod, after start the game, the scripts folder will appear in the game folder, you need to create the project.zs file in it, you can use a different name written in English letters.
You must edit this file, you can use notepad, but I advise you to use Notepad ++.