This mod is often used in assemblies. This, one might say, is a crack for the game. However, quite a few people know another crack, the author of which is Koshkbench. You can put it, and the fonts will also be increased. But the ClientFixer mod has two differences.

The first of them is that you won’t need to go into the language menu and change the usual Russian language to another.

Russifier Koshkbencha divides the Russian translation into two types:
Russian Russia)
Russian (Koshkbench)

But with ClientFixer there will be only one language - Russian (Russia) already with all the necessary corrections.

The second is that translations of absolutely all mods that have them in stock remain.

Here is a solution to the problem of inscriptions from ThaumCraft 4 - they were too small and on laptops they were difficult to read and sometimes impossible.

Example with ClientFixer installed: Show / Hide text

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Installing the ClientFixer mod:
Install Minecraft Forge Copy the downloaded archive Type in start %appdata% Click on the Roaming folder, then go to .minecraft, then to mods Throw the archive there without unpacking Launch the game and enjoy.

ATTENTION: This instruction is valid only for the Windows operating system! Other operating systems, such as Linux, require different steps.