Thaumic Additions: Reconstructed

Mod Thaumic Additions - a small addon for Thaumcraft 6

The Thaumic Addittions mod is a small addition for Thaumcraft 6. The mod will embellish your everyday life as a thaumoturge with a couple (or not) of new metals such as Mithrilium, Mithminite and Adaminite, from which you can later collect jars with a capacity of up to 4000 (!) Essence units and much more! The most interesting thing about the mod is the Crystal Drill, which when stacked with a farm (yes, now you can make your own crystal farms) will give an inexhaustible amount of vis-crystals! Isn't that wonderful? But you understand that this is not all that this mod brings! Download, see what else he can do ;)