ProjectE (Equivalent Exchange 2)

The ProjectE mod is the reincarnation of the EE2 mod! (Equivalent Exchange 2 and it adds the ability to transmute substances to minecraft, this will allow you to transform one resource into another, and the result of such transmutations will be powerful artifacts, rings, weapons, tools, new types of armor with exceptional properties.

Transmutation is carried out through a special table (transmutation table) or with the help of a philosopher's stone. The mod is quite simple, but interesting and will allow you to get cool resources in an easier way, massively change the map and just have fun. The main mechanics of the mod is EMC energy, each block or object has this very energy and it can be obtained by burning this object. The more valuable the item, the more EMC it contains, after burning your table will accumulate this energy, and you can exchange the EMC energy back for the same item.

After burning or researching a block/item, you can burn a stack of stone for 64 EMC and get a damage potion by spending 59 EMC on it. This way you can dispose of unnecessary items and get more rare or necessary ones. The Philosopher's Stone is a tool that allows you to convert 1 specific item or block into another specific item or block, all the crafts of its work can be viewed using JEI, the Philosopher's Stone also allows you to change already installed blocks, while it has several modes of operation, converting many blocks at once . Another philosopher's stone allows you to change mobs, shoot one mob with a projectile and it turns into another.

The mod does not stop at transmuting blocks and items, you can create super efficient fuels and special furnaces with incredible performance, you can generate EMC from the sun, and the result of development in the mod will be cool artifacts, powerful tools and armor. Magic rings that repel, automatically kill mobs, freeze or set on fire, etc. Armor allows you to see at night and breathe underwater, and even fly. Special tools instantly transform the map, allow you to remove a mountain or make a huge tunnel in a few seconds.

The mod has:

  • Transmutation!
  •  EMC! Rings!
  • Epic Toolkit!
  • Catalyst of destruction!
  • Energy Capacitors!
  •  Red stuff stoves!
  • Alchemy bags!
  •  The most powerful and destructive dynamite!
  • Support for other mods!