Ice and Fire

Tinkers Construct - tinkers construct is perhaps one of the most popular mods for minecraft and it is about assembling a wide variety of tools from a wide variety of materials. The mod completely modernizes the crafting tools, but at the same time it does not complicate it, like many other mods.

A large number of materials are added to the game that can be obtained from the classic game resources, after which you must create various parts of a tool or weapon from, and then combine them. The materials differ in their complexity and high cost, and the combination of different materials will provide unique properties.

The mod is very "vanilla", all its components are perfectly balanced and fit into a regular game, but if this is not enough for you, then the mod has a huge number of additions for integration and compatibility with other mods.
Dealing with the mod is easy, the game has its own instruction book which is completely in Russian.

Fire dragon lairs are randomly generated in warm climates, while ice dragon lairs are randomly generated in cold climates. Lairs are divided into 3 types - Nest, cave, place of sleep. In lairs you can find chests, eggs, gold and manuscripts.

Fire dragon eggs can be found in dragon nests that are 4+. Ice dragon eggs can be found in snowy biomes in ice. If the egg is heated, a dragon will hatch from it, which will be your true friend. You can learn more about how to do this in the game itself from the Bestiary.

Armor, ores, weapons, tools
Weapons and tools made of dragon scales, silver and sapphire, dragon armor
After killing a dragon, scales, bones, a skull, blood in a bottle, as well as its heart and flesh can fall from it. Player armor is crafted from dragon scales, while dragon armor is crafted from iron, gold, and diamond blocks. Tools and weapons are crafted from dragon bones and wither skeleton bones. Silver ore and sapphire are generated underground in small amounts.

Snow dwellers
Snow villagers spawn only in snow biomes, carry a spear to catch fish. You can trade with them in the same way as with ordinary ones, however, they consider sapphire as currency, not emerald.

The bestiary describes all the information about fashion. Kind of a guide book. Crafted from three manuscripts. Manuscripts can be found in chests near dragon nests. When crafting, the book has little information, but with the help of the pulpit, you can supplement it with the study of manuscripts.