Mod GalactiCraft - Galacticraft, this is one of the largest and most popular industrial space-themed mods. The mod offers its own system of astronautics, development and industry, thanks to this you can build various rockets and fly them to other planets, satellites and asteroids.

All other planets are represented as their own dimensions, and rockets are used to realistically navigate these dimensions.
The standard mod adds to the game the ability to visit the Earth's Space Station, the Moon, Mars, Venus and several Asteroids, but thanks to the additions, this list is replenished with an impressive number of other planets and satellites.

Mod, and the mod along with addons will add many interesting game mechanics, gradually you will be able to create more powerful rockets and travel to more dangerous and distant worlds. Each world is unique, where you can get new resources, build bases, survive, grow plants, fight monsters and bosses.