The Animania mod will add a considerable number of new animals and significantly change and improve the old ones, make them more realistic and diverse. Now mobs will have improved models and textures, animations. Baby animals will grow more realistically, each biome will have its own species of animals and they will have their own coloring, as well as improved behavior.

Also, in order to get resources from animals, you will need to take care of them, and some animals will need their own conditions, for example, pigs will need a mud pit. You must provide the animals with a supply of food and water, otherwise the animals may behave unpredictably and even attack the player (for example, a bull), and you can only get resources when the animals are happy.

Together with the mod, new tools are added to the game and the ability to create various realistic foods, such as scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon.


In addition to all this, the mod also adds a trough (feeder), you can pour food or water into it and the animals will eat from there.
It is not difficult to make it, you will need 4 boards, 2 sticks, 1 iron, crafting under the spoiler below.

Also, in order for hens to give eggs, they need to make nests.
To make, you will need 1 wool, 1 stick and leaves.

To feed chickens and peacocks, you need to throw seeds on the ground.

In order for pigs to live normally, they need to make a mud pit.
Dirt can be made from 1 earth bucket of water.
I recommend a minimum pit size of 2x3.

To make food for pigs, you need to mix a bucket of milk and bread, potatoes, carrots or beets (one of these)

To make food for hamsters, you need to combine pumpkin, watermelon and wheat seeds.