7 Days to Mine

Mod 7 Days to Mine is a global zombie apocalypse survival mod for minecraft.

This is a cool, huge mod that will radically change minecraft, now you have to survive, look for loot, create your own base, explore an abandoned world and all this in 7 game days, after you will be attacked by a huge crowd of infected zombies, they will destroy your base and try to you kill. You can develop, create or find weapons, install defenses, turrets. This mod recreates the mechanics of the game 7 Days to Die but in the minecraft universe.

Fashion guide and description of new features:

When you start a new game, you will see a guide book that will indicate the crafting of the initial items available to you.

Next, you need to find sticks and stones to create the first primitive stone tools.

Having stone tools, you can, albeit slowly, but get a block of wood, and from it create boards and a workbench.

Now you can start building your base.

New game mechanics and features:
Now the game has new needs, thirst and stamina, drink water and rest.

In the abandoned world around you can find food.

All tools now have a definite workmanship, the speed of their work and their durability depend on this.

In the world you can find books in which you will learn the secrets of creating more complex items, even weapons.


With electricity, you can create different things.
Find and study the book High Voltage

As in life, it is necessary to have a producer, wires for transmission and a consumer of electricity.

There are gasoline generators, solar panels and wind turbines.

You can transfer energy from them using wires and insulators.

Consumers are various machines, traps, lighting, etc.

Blood Moon Climax:

Every 7th night there is a blood moon, on this night all the zombies in the world become very aggressive, there will be a lot of them and they will chase you.

The mod trailer shows it:

New structures will appear in the world - abandoned cities.
In them you will find different loot and different monsters, they are randomly generated, there are roads between them.

At the moment, that's all, the mod adds a lot of different blocks, some firearms, turrets, armor.
The game will have new music and sounds, various objects, furnaces, things and even an MP3 player that can play your music.
As in the original game, there is a bike and a moped and a bunch of different things and items.