Youtuber Dream

Youtuber' Dream Shaders is quite an interesting and simple shader for minecraft, and yes, maybe YouTubers will like it. This is a bright shader with beautiful water and nice colors, which will allow you to shoot beautiful videos of your reviews or walkthroughs on a not very powerful computer.

Sheder changes the water, it is quite beautiful, it has reflections and waves. Leaves and grass will move, the new sun and sky will change to more realistic ones. The shader does not add a lot of effects, the game remains bright and clear, the shader changes the lighting in such a way that the desired effect is enhanced, during the day the world will become brighter and more vibrant, and at night more gloomy and foggy. In general, this is a fairly high-quality and pleasant shader for minecraft, especially for people who do not like unnecessary effects and do not have the most powerful computer.

Shader pros:
Dynamic lighting (luminous blocks in the hands give light) Beautiful sunbeams, for example when passing through foliage. Beautiful water with reflections. Wind (movement of foliage and latrva) New sun and sky. Good performance No annoying effects. There are settings that will allow you to disable some of the effects and increase performance.

Shader cons:
There are flaws, during the time the sun can shine through, night clouds are not realistic. Perhaps not the best optimization for such effects. At times in the sun, some objects can be overexposed (especially mobs) No presets (Low, High, Medium)