Wisdom Shaders

Shaders Wisdom Shaders are very demanding shaders for minecraft, they will greatly change the work with light in minecraft, now the sun and moon give unrealistic effects, glare and flare on your screen. Shaders also add very pleasant water, many different interesting effects, although this shader has a number of drawbacks, read about them in the full news.

This shader drastically changes the atmosphere of the game, it makes very beautiful reflections and super-glare from any surfaces that reflect, the water looks very realistic and beautiful. Ice and glass look very interesting, they have many reflections.

During the day, the sun illuminates everything, this is a small minus, and the constant glare from the water is somewhat annoying in everyday play. At night, the moon gives a lot of light, which looks quite atmospheric, the shader has support for dynamic lighting (luminous objects in the hands emit light.)

Wisdom Shaders has a very pronounced "dirty lens" effect, it appears when your vision is exposed to the sun, glare. It is beautiful, but annoying, especially in snowy biomes. (snow illuminates everything). However, the effect can be turned off in the settings.

The pack supports a lot of settings, you can customize it for yourself, turn off or reduce some of the effect, this will achieve better performance or increase FPS, there is even support for PBR (3D textures)

The author has created ready-made presets Lite, Medium, Ultra, etc., they significantly change the appearance and performance of the shader. In Lite mode, the shader has a rather impressive FPS, but most of the effects are missing, including the water looks good, but poorly designed, the ice also looks too transparent without reflections. As the level increases, the load and visual effects increase. It is worth noting that the shader has several filters, such as black and white, kinematic, mosaic, etc.

Very unusual, the effects look cool and impressive. Pretty water. Beautiful moon. There are many settings and additional filters.

Feeling of overexposure. Some effects are too strong, which can be annoying or disturbing. The nights are too bright, even when it rains. The water in the sea looks very good, but in small puddles it is not very realistic.