Werrus Shaders

Werrus Shaders is a shader that is based on the popular and interesting Chocapic13 shader, it offers quite beautiful and classic graphics without unnecessary effects with good performance.

As far as I understand, this is a twisted and modified version of Chocapic13 version 6, since it is the one that is most similar to it, although it has differences. The shader has no annoying effects, it is bright, crisp and very attractive, adds beautiful lighting, very beautiful sun with rays of light, decent water with beautiful reflections, simple clouds.

Most of all I liked the sun, it is very bright, it is not visible, it blinds and creates gorgeous rays when refracted or when passing through the foliage. The water in the shader is not bad, it has good reflections and movement, but most of all I like the water in the projectLUMA shader.

There is nothing more to say about the shader, this is a great classic, I didn’t notice any bugs, however, as well as gorgeous effects like realistic rain, ray tracing or super-beautiful water, nevertheless the shader is very good.

Separately, it is worth writing about different versions of the shader, in this news you will find several versions, as well as different ones in terms of "picture quality". The Werrus shader has versions in terms of quality, and here, it seems to me, the shader has a certain minus, the weakest version has a "very weak picture", but it consumes unreasonably many resources, but the Medium version, on the contrary, has a good picture that is not particularly different from the Ultra version, but noticeably faster.

All descriptions and screenshots were made on version 5.0.1, but I advise you to look at shader version 4.0 standart, it differs significantly from 5.0.1, is not as bright, faster and has a radically different water.