Voyager shader 2.0

Voyager shader - Voyager shader pack is an interesting pack with a realistic sky and lighting system, it will offer non-standard procedurally generated clouds that affect the overall lighting in the world.

This shader isn't incredible or revolutionary, but it does have interesting features, especially on the Ultra and Extreme versions. The main and main feature of this shader is a realistic lighting system and clouds, just like in real life, clouds affect the general lighting of the world, if the clouds cover the sun, it becomes darker and even cloudy, this effect also works with the moon, which looks very atmospheric.

The shader makes beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the clouds turn red, and then there is pitch darkness. After the appearance of the moon, it becomes a little lighter, the moon reflected in the water shines especially brightly, it's beautiful, but it looks too bright. The shader is great at adjusting the brightness of your "eyes" when you exit a dark cave into the light, it blinds you, and torches and lava are unrealistically bright at night.

Pak is able to create a beautiful and atmospheric fog at a given height, it looks really impressive, although it does not work perfectly.

The shader has several versions in terms of image quality, the higher the version, the more effects the pack uses, realistic clouds are activated on the Ultra version and higher, and on the Low version it's just a very nice and beautiful shader, but not with the best performance.