Vanilla Plus Shader

Shader Vanilla Plus Shader is an interesting shader for weak computers because it has very good performance and a nice enough picture with dynamic shadows and improved clouds. The shader has a number of interesting features, so be sure to try it.

The shader is made in vanilla style and tries to improve, but not radically change the game, of course, in terms of vanilla and performance, it is very far from sildurs enhanced default, nevertheless it is quite interesting. In Fast or Faster mode, the shader offers almost vanilla water, but with small waveforms and very simple reflections, which is not noticeable at first. Vanilla, but improved, and the clouds, they are still square, but they look different.

The main and main advantage of the shader is high FPS, which means it is suitable for weak computers. The shader has no annoying or unbalanced effects, it's vanilla and very atmospheric.


The shader has enough shortcomings, the most important and unpleasant is the rain effect. And day and night it is very bright and contrasting. The disadvantages include a very high level of brightness, with a shader you can walk through the caves without torches. In the settings there is an opportunity to reduce the brightness value, but after that other lighting problems appear. Bright particles, when breaking blocks in the dark - the particles have some kind of illumination.

A warning:
All shortcomings are relevant for version v2.2a, the author is finalizing and improving the shader, with updates some shortcomings can and will be fixed, from time to time we will update the news and try to keep the information up to date.

The shader has several modes that try to replicate the atmosphere of other shaders and it's very interesting, you can pick up The nights are very bright, you can forget about the torches. Support for POM (volumetric textures), although there are no settings for this function. Has support for PBR (shiny, worn surfaces).

In general, I liked the Vanilla Plus Shader, although it has a few problems that definitely need to be fixed, at the moment the rain effect seriously spoils this shader. Most importantly, the shader has differences and unique effects, its own atmosphere, which makes it different from other shaders.