The UShader shader is a relatively new project which is based on the famous and popular SEUS shader version v10.1, the author claims that he did not use the original shader code, but tried to achieve the same atmosphere. To be honest, the shader is not interesting, has problems, not the best picture and performance.

It's hard to say why this shader is remarkable, perhaps nothing, it has quality versions, and the weakest LOW version is very beautiful and has more or less good performance, although the water in this version is incredibly transparent, which is a bug.

The shader has no advantages, it has mediocre performance and picture, it can't even be compared with projectLUMA, the only pluses are good clouds, a nice night and that's it, look at the screenshots, suddenly you like it.

Of the minuses, one can note the general "weakness" of the shader, the picture is not very good, the water is also, artificial lighting has excessive contrast. During the day, when it rains, there is too much sun, it is clearly visible in the reflection of the water, which is strange in a cloudy sky. On version 1.15.2, rain at night has bugs, but most likely this is an Optifine problem.