Tea Shaders

Tea Shaders shader - this pack appeared quite recently (May 2020) and it offers you a fairly simple and vanilla shader that will improve the graphics of minecraft. At the moment there are not a lot of graphic effects here and the shader itself is suitable for weak PCs.

The shader is under development and the author is adding new features to it, therefore I will not describe in great detail, everything can change, improve or worsen. At the moment, the shader does not change the game much, it has a different lighting system, foliage and grass have movement in the "wind", more realistic water with smooth waves. There are focus and blur effects that change the perception of the game. I liked the dark sky at night, and the effect of blurring distant objects in the underworld, it looks pretty cool.

So far, the shader looks damp, maybe it lacks "atmosphere". Many settings do not work at the moment, so I could not change the appearance much. The main and main plus so far is a very significant FPS.