SORA Shaders

SORA Shaders is a shader for minecraft created on the basis of the popular, high-quality and productive projectLUMA shader, the author played with the settings and made a shaderpack with his own vision, and it turned out to be quite beautiful and productive, similar to projectLUMA.

I liked SORA Shaders, it implements a nice picture and beautiful water with reflections, no focus games, no annoying or too annoying effects, there are sun rays and dirty lens effects, but they are very neat and not intrusive. The pack has fog-haze, it looks pretty cool at dawn or in the evening, but it seems to me superfluous in the daytime, although it can be easily turned off in the shader settings.

The shader has a pretty nice sunset and sunrise, it's also discreet, and at night you get pretty strong lighting from the moon, sometimes even too strong. At the same time, at night the water becomes too transparent, which does not look natural. In general, the pack is quite interesting, it is definitely not bad to play vanilla with it, it has good performance.

Pack benefits:
Good performance. No annoying effects. Beautiful sky, water, lighting.

Cons of the pack:
The nights are bright. The water is too clear at night. Incomprehensible fog, but it is easy to turn it off. Not much difference in performance between the Lite and Ultra versions.