[Shaders] Shaderpack

You can try to put cool shaders, the computer will not burn out, now it’s even very difficult to overclock the processor to soot, there are thermal sensors, and when AMD overheats, it reboots, and Intel slows down the frequency (throttling, not trolling, don’t confuse) and starts to slow down everything (reset at the core i5-3330 goes from 3.2 ghz to 1.6 ghz, for example, but core i5 is not such a weak processor to go into throttling)
There is a set of shaders, there are a lot of them. I hesitated to make screenshots, then squeeze them one by one, but there are quite a few of them.

Also worth noting:
SEUSRC7 V10 and Zeeekes V10 RC7 (configured by Zeeekes, apparently, version of SEUSRC7 V10) slow down even on core i5-3330 + Radeon HD7770
SEUSV8 (except Standard No Motion) have action blurring (spinning - cool blur), like the one in GTA 4 when you turn off the field of view.
Some shaders can be very bright. You can try to remove the brightness, but the standard brightness of the game can hardly help. They have their own brightness in the files. If you really strained - then you have to get used to it or change the shader.

Exturpack on video and screenshots:
Installing shaders:
1. You need to install Optifine or GLSL, for example
2. Download the archive shaderpacks.rar (or SEUSrar, in SEUS ONLY new shaders!) below, it contains all the shaders.
3. Put these shaders in appdata/roaming/.minecraft/shaderpacks
Access to appdata: Win(button with the Windows logo) + R, we get "Run", there we write "appdata" or "%appdata%", it doesn't matter here, even with quotes you can, lol.
4. Go to settings (options), then to "Shaders.." and choose the desired shader there. If there is no such item, then the shaders are not installed in minecraft, in my client (link above) - they are installed 100%
5. Play.