[Shaders] Shaders for weak computers

Shaders for minecraft are suitable for any version of the game - instructions on how to install shaders Here you can download Minecraft shaders for weak PCs, all these shaders are suitable for weak computers as they try to minimize the load on the PC. Here you will find all the shaders that have weak versions, and just below you will find the top weak shaders for minecraft and you can immediately download the best ones.

Many shaders do not have a separate Lite or Medium version, and a High or even Extreme version can be included as standard. You can change the mode in the shader settings: Settings -> Graphics settings -> Shaders -> Shader settings.

By changing the mode, you will make the graphics worse, but the shader will load your PC less, you can additionally change other settings and turn off some effects, this will increase the FPS, although it will make the game less beautiful.

Remember that shaders require Optifine (recommended) or Shaders mod (for very old versions), it is important that Optifine is the latest version, new shaders may not work on very old versions of Optifine.