SEUS Path Tracing Shaders

SEUS Path Tracing Shader (PTGI HRR 2.1+ E12) is an incredible ray traced lighting shader project for minecraft, it makes the game just incredibly realistic and very colorful, the game will have realistic dynamic shadows, direct sunlight, beautiful reflections and generally physically correct light.

Ray tracing allows you to physically correctly calculate the behavior of light in space, reflection from surfaces also gives its own effects, which makes lighting extremely realistic and beautiful.

Shaders are being actively developed, but a lot has already been implemented and the game looks simply incredibly beautiful, although you will have to pay for such beauty with the power of your video card, and it needs a very productive one.
There are still problems in the shader, some bugs and glitches when combining light sources, but just look at the screenshots and you will understand everything.

I recommend installing textures and mod from the same developer

Shader performance:
My pc:
Processor: I7 4770k, RAM: 24gb, video card: gtx760 2gb, the main load is on the video card.
Normal game: 200-350 FPS
With shader:
14-15 FPS