RRe36's Shaders

RRe36's Shaders - warm and atmospheric shader [1.18.2] [1.17.1] [1.16.5] [1.15.2] [1.14.4] [1.12.2] [All versions]

Shaderpack RRe36's Shaders is a rather old, but very good shader for minecraft. After installing this pack, you will get a pretty bright and juicy minecraft with moving grass and foliage, beautiful blue water with small waves, realistic clouds, sun, sun rays, shadows, lighting system.

During the day cycle, the shaderpack changes the color palette of the world quite aggressively, in the morning the world will be very yellow and warm, during the day it will be very bright, and at night it will be hazy blue. It's probably not very realistic, but it's quite atmospheric, as is the bright blue water.

Shaderpack pros:
Has good performance. Has no irritating effects. Doesn't have too dark nights. Lots of effects.

Cons of the pack:
For v7
Makes the graphics a bit soapy.

Game performance on my PC:

Computer: i7 4770k + gtx760.
When playing with shaders, the main load falls on the video card, I have a GeForce GTX 760 2gb, you can compare the performance of your card with mine on the test site. My card scores about 4800 points, find yours and figure it out.
Normal game, 1.16.5, Optifine version G6 , 12-chunk rendering: ~300 fps
With shader (v7): Low: 65-70 fps Medium: 65-70 fps High: 55-65 fps Ultra: 50-60fps Extreme: 45-50fps
With shader (v10.1): Low: 60-70 fps Medium: 55-60 fps High: 45-55 fps