Robobo1221's Realistic Shaders

Very suitable shaders Robobo1221's Realistic Shaders on a realistic theme, will change the game beyond recognition, do you want a more realistic minecraft? try these shaders, I think you will like it.
I won't say that I've seen a lot of shaders, but I really liked the data, they emphasize the realism of graphics and effects, everything is dark at night - almost black and white. There are some particles in the water, and the water itself is extremely realistic.
In general, I will not describe, it is better to look at the screenshots and video demonstration.

Game performance on my PC:
i7 4770k+gtx760.
Normal game: ~300 fps
Low - 90-100 fps
Medium - 50-60 fps
High 30-40 fps
Ultra 25-40fps
Extreme - 20-40 fps.