projectLUMA shader is one of the best vanilla shaders at the moment, this wonderful mod will make your minecraft incredibly beautiful, moreover, the shader is very high quality, has no annoying effects and has excellent performance on not very powerful computers. The luma shader is a continuation and rework of the kuda shader

This is probably the best shader for medium and medium-low computers, while it produces just a super cool picture. The water with this shader is one of the best in all shaders, it is beautiful, transparent and has very beautiful and realistic reflections. The sun, clouds, sky, everything in this shader is at the highest level, there are effects from the sun, the sun's rays when passing through the foliage, shadows, soft lighting.

The graphics are clear and bright, the world changes colors beautifully and realistically in different biomes and under different weather conditions, beautiful and bright light from luminous objects, but there is no dynamic lighting (glow of objects from hands) in this shader.

The projectLUMA shader has several ready-made settings (Low, Medium, Ultra), by default it works in Medium mode, but changing the "quality" does not greatly affect performance and graphics, reflections and shadows become worse, but the FPS rises by 10-30 points, which can be critical on weak computers.

The shader doesn't have the incredible features that you sometimes see in shaders, although the shader supports POM and PBR effects, I liked the water and the general lighting system along with the sun the most. The weather conditions don't stand out with unusual effects, just rain and snow, it's not impressive, but it keeps the vanilla.