Nostalgia Shader

The Nostalgia Shader is a relatively new shaderpack being developed by RRe36, it has several distinctive features, and it also has a good shader customization potential, POM and PBR support, average performance and its own atmosphere.

The shader is under development, you should understand that a lot can change, and bugs can be fixed in the next update. This shader stands out with interesting square clouds, calm but beautiful water and its own atmosphere that is created with the help of fog. It is interesting that there is a change of day and night, at first everything becomes orange-red, and after that it starts to darken very, very quickly.

Shader features: unique and unusual clouds, colored light, dynamic shadows, volumetric fog, wind effect on grass and foliage, edge and hell support, autoexposure, support.

Availability of Lite, Medium, High, Ultra versions, a large number of settings. Unusual clouds, pleasant, calm water. Own atmosphere. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, bright night. Wet surfaces with reflections. (devour FPS)

Not working correctly when it rains, there are no clouds, neither the sun nor the moon closes, as a result it rains and the sun shines. (version 2.3) Perhaps not the best performance. Fog and blur effects enabled by default (I don't really like them).