Ebin shader is an interesting and high-quality shaderpack for minecraft that will radically change the graphics in the game, create a global lighting system, beautiful water, realistic clouds.
The shader does not add popular blur effects, due to this the game looks very clear and beautiful in its own way, the light becomes very soft and it is everywhere, even though there are shadows.

There are large cumulus clouds in the sky that move, disappear and appear, there is no sun or it is almost invisible, it does not blind, but there are also no beautiful effects from the refraction of the sun.
The shader makes very beautiful water, moreover, it is possible to make it more transparent, I liked the reflections in the water and nice, fairly bright light from any sources.

The shader has a lot of settings, it has no modes (like Low, Extreme, etc.), but changing some settings can improve performance. Thanks to the settings, you can change the type of clouds (remove these cumulus clouds), change the brightness, sky brightness, ambient brightness, and enable some other effects.

The only serious drawback at the moment is the operation of the shader during the rain during the day, unfortunately, it draws strong shadows and fairly bright lighting, as if it is raining and the sun is shining.