Docteur Dreads Shaders

Shader Docteur Dreads Shaders is an old shaderpack that will appeal to owners of weak computers, as it is well optimized and gives a very beautiful picture, it is recommended for owners of weak PCs.

Probably, the shader is a modified version of Lagless Shaders, but it is a bit similar to it and also has good performance, but looks quite different.

I'll start the description with the fact that the shader is very ambiguous and somewhat curved, but nevertheless it has 2 very interesting versions that will give you good FPS with a very beautiful picture. The shader is most likely abandoned and will no longer receive updates in the future, which means that no one will fix all its problems and you will have to put up with them.

First of all, the pack stands out for its speed on the Medium and High versions with the Dof effect turned off, you can read more about performance below. The pack itself does not have any unique features for which it can be praised or set as an example. The pack has a smooth and not strong movement of foliage and grass, shadows, the quality of which depends on the version, a fairly beautiful sun and moon, calm blue water with not strong reflections.

FPS and picture quality on Medium and High (no DOF) No annoying blurs Medium and High, Ultra (no DOF) The real darkness in the caves, but on the surface the moon gives a lot of light.

Strange performance on different versions, on Lite without unnecessary effects and water, FPS does not increase very much. Very unpleasant blurring of objects depending on focus, DOF effect on High and Ultra versions, but the effect is easily turned off. Does not change the clouds, and when it rains, the clouds look too bright, maybe a texture pack with clouds will help.

The main disadvantages can be considered a very strong spread in FPS, without significant changes we can get a fairly low value. An annoying DOF effect that is highly desirable to turn off, it is only useful for photos. It is a pity that there are no clouds, and those that are too bright and stand out.