Continuum Shaders

Continuum is a cool shader for powerful computers with a lot of cool and realistic effects, supports 3D textures, generated clouds, incredibly cool water with reflections and dynamic weather.

The shader is very interesting, it is constantly being developed and boasts really unusual effects, for example, constantly changing lighting, and it changes from the position of the clouds in the sky, the clouds block the sun and the picture changes dramatically, day and night.
A variety of blur effects, it looks cool in the photo, in the game it annoys me personally, because the picture is washed a lot.

Beautiful water with settings, and the higher the graphics quality of the shader, the cooler the water, it has a lot of reflections and glare, ripples, etc.
The shader has a good, I would say good performance, at minimum and low settings it gives out under 60 fps, and on ultra it’s already about 10 (see the performance spoiler)

Full of cool effects. Really cool and realistic effects like dynamic weather, volumetric lighting Very cool water Good graphics and performance on weak versions Support for PBR effects (3D textures)

Interfering and annoying effects, haze and constant focus changes, soap. When it rains, the sun shines quite strongly. No dynamic light from a torch in hand (for example) There are cooler versions, but they are paid