Complementary Shaders

  1. Download and install Optifine HD / Iris Shaders
  2. Download shaders
  3. Copy to .minecraft\Shaderpacks
  4. Launch Minecraft
  5. In the settings, click "Graphics Settings" -> "Shaders..." (Shaders), select and apply the desired shader from the list
  6. Done

Complementary Shaders is quite an interesting pack based on the popular BSL shader, the pack tries to be the middle ground, offer good performance, support all graphics cards, have nice effects but keep minecraft playable and a bit vanilla, support mods and dimensions.

The shader has really good performance, as well as several ready-made settings, including "Potato", for potato computers. The pack does not overload the game with unnecessary effects, it just makes realistic clouds, light, water, shadows. Nevertheless, the pack has something to brag about, along with the shader, it has a small texture pack that allows you to get realistic reflections from different surfaces, and of course they emit light, this is a kind of RTX technology obfuscation and it looks very good, while not loading your computer so much. PC.

The pack has several distinctive features:
The nights are quite bright, even overly bright, and during the rain too. The grass has the effect of moving in the wind, but the leaves of the trees do not. Most ores glow. Stunning light from marine life, very atmospheric and beautiful. Beautiful reflections from the surfaces of the blocks. Support for a large number of dimensions, with their own atmosphere in them.

Pack benefits:
Good performance and multiple graphics modes. Support for game dimensions and many other mod dimensions. Reflection maps for blocks. (in extra texture pack) Beautiful underwater life. Atmospheric underworld and edge.

Cons of the pack:
Too bright nights. Glowing ores. In the lower world, it can be sooooo bright, albeit atmospheric. Not many effects, simplicity.

How to Install Complementary Shaders