Shader Chocapic13 Shaders - aka Chocapic 13, this is a very, very interesting shader that gives a nice picture without unnecessary effects and with high performance. The shader is of very high quality and even on the Low version it produces an incredible picture and super FPS. All owners of weak computers must pay attention to this shaderpack.

This is not a sophisticated shader, it is not here, and even, probably, many effects are missing, especially those related to the sun, but due to its simplicity it is perfectly perceived in the game, it does not overload the game with various blurs, glare, highlights, which does not interfere with playing and has a positive effect on FPS.

Chocapic13 Shaders v9 got realistic generated clouds, great water and lighting system, fog effects. The pack is very atmospheric when it rains, the world becomes dark and gloomy, fog appears, and the rain has a beautiful and realistic effect, while not interfering with the game.

The shader boasts an atmospheric night, the moon gives light, it also illuminates the fog, which is very atmospheric, if it rains at night, then the world is almost pitch dark, it looks and feels very cool.

Chocapic13 Shaders has different variations, Low, High, Extreme etc. It is worth noting that the author did a great job, outwardly these versions do not differ very much, yes, the shadows and water are not so spectacular, but the FPS increases by 2 times. It is also worth noting that the shader has a fairly good optimization, due to which the FPS does not jump and sag too much, but keeps within + -5-10 frames per second (on Extreme).

Pros (v9):
Excellent performance. Great difference in FPS between Low and Extreme. Very smooth FPS gradation from Low to Extreme in 10-20 FPS increments. The picture in Low and Extreme mode is very similar. There are no annoying effects, the picture is clear. Good water and a beautiful view of the world if you are underwater. Atmospheric rain and night, complete darkness in the absence of light.

Many beautiful effects are missing, such as the rays of the sun passing through the foliage. Clouds do not affect the level of lighting in the world.

Game performance on my PC:

Computer: i7 4770k + gtx760.
When playing with shaders, the main load falls on the video card, I have a GeForce GTX 760 2gb, you can compare the performance of your card with mine on the test site. My card scores about 4800 points, find yours and figure it out.
Normal game, 1.16.4, Optifine version G5 , 12-chunk rendering: ~300 fps
With shader (v9): Low: 85-110fps Medium: 70-90 fps High: 55-65 fps Ultra: 40-50 fps Extreme: 35-40 fps