Chocapic V6

I present to you a great shader pack for minecraft, I consider it one of the best shaders for the game at the moment, it is beautiful, high quality, has good performance and leaves the game similar to itself.

Why is this shader so good?

It does not overload minecraft with graphic effects, thus it has good performance and is pleasant to play with. It does not have annoying effects due to which half of the screen can be blurred or overexposed by the sun. The shader does not add haze in the sun, the game remains colorful and clear at long distances. The shader adds beautiful water, realistic shadows, sun, moon, clouds, foliage movement and more. The shader doesn't make game surfaces too wet during in-game rain, doesn't make nights too dark.

The shader just adds some cool graphics and leaves minecraft as more of an arcade game, without too much realism or cinematic leanings.