Builder's Quality of Life

Shader Builder's Quality of Life aka QOL shader is a rather weak shader for minecraft and it is great for the weakest PCs.
Of course, it will not give a very beautiful picture, but it will make the game more realistic and atmospheric, and unlike many other shaders, it tries to make beautiful graphics on the weakest computers.

Shader Features:

Quite an interesting shader, its main and most important advantage is performance, it is really very weak and easily gives out 130 FPS on my PC.

The shader adds beautiful clouds, realistic sun and sky, at night there will be more colors, stars and even galaxies in the sky. The sky in the region has been completely changed, it looks simply incredible. QOL shader changes water, water has waves, it itself is quite blurry at the moment and looks rather strange, although the author is constantly refining water and perhaps in new versions it will look cooler.
Beautiful sunsets and sunrises will appear, the lighting system has been changed, including dynamic lighting (glowing blocks in the hands emit light.)

I liked the night, it's quite dark, if you can't see the sky, it's raining, or when you're in a cave, you won't see anything at all.
The shader changes the color of the light, colored glass or colored luminous objects in the hands emit light of different colors, which looks very cool.
The type of portals changes (at the moment only the portal to the edge) - another world is visible in it.

- Lightly loads the computer. - dynamic light - dark nights - moving water - beautiful sunsets, sunrises, rainbow - colored light from glasses or different objects - moving grass

- lacks many effects. - the water does not look very good - questionable shadow system