SFLP Shaders

Shader SFLP Shaders is a good, fairly realistic shader that has a version for weak PCs. Perhaps this is one of the best weak shaders at the moment, if you have a weak computer, then try this shader, maybe your PC will pull it. The shader itself is very nice, a warm lamp atmosphere appears in minecraft.

SFLP stands for shader for low end pc - a shader for low end PCs. This is a deep remake of the Chocapic13 Shaders shader, it doesn't really look like the original. At the moment, the shader has 3 versions, light, low and standard, on light versions the shader loads the computer very little, the graphics become definitely more beautiful, although they cannot even be compared with the standard versions.

More detailed description of versions:

On all versions, the shader makes quite beautiful water and pleasant lighting, small realistic clouds, swaying grass and foliage. At night, there is a beautiful moon in the sky, but classic clouds. When it rains, the world becomes gloomy and dark.
Lite is the weakest version of the shader, shadows and some other effects are completely disabled in it, it looks doubtful, although the water is beautiful. But the shader gives just excellent performance in this mode.
Low - there are already shadows here, they are very highly optimized and it is noticeable when moving, however the picture becomes noticeably more pleasant.
Standard - a version that adds much more beauty to the whole world, however it already loads the computer quite noticeably, with a similar load there are more beautiful and realistic shaders, for example projectLUMA

Shaderpack SFLP Shaders is definitely very good, especially for very weak computers, this is one of the few shaders that can produce so many FPS. Now the game atmosphere will become warmer, the nights will be slightly purple and magical, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I recommend paying attention to another interesting shader - Sildur's Enhanced Default - it also has a very cool performance, realistic water, shadows and light, but does not change the atmosphere of the game at all.