Mod TekTopia - professions for villagers, build a realistic village or city.

This is a fresh global mod that will radically change the villagers and the village as a whole, now each villager will have his own realistic job where he will work extracting resources, many different professions, functional buildings, merchants and the ability to develop his village with a large number of residents working in harmony . Residents will realistically do their job, sleep at night, be hungry or not happy. You can engage in the development of the village, trade, directly sim city in minecraft.

The main functions of the mod:
A complete overhaul of the village system in the game, with the ability to adapt to your design. Ability to create cities with 100+ inhabitants that will work in harmony. Sell products created by residents in exchange for emeralds. Use emeralds to develop the village. Protect your village from the necromancer and his minions. More than 20 different professions for residents, more than 18 unique structures. A new, realistic view of the inhabitants, realistic animations of actions, work. The system of the city and the happiness of the inhabitants.