Skillable mod (Reskillable)

The Skillable mod will add a little RPG style to minecraft, now you can’t just craft a diamond sword and use it right away, you need to gain a special level. The mod adds 8 types of pumping, mining, attack, magic, etc., we need to get experience points and spend them on unlocking skills, they will already make it possible to use certain tools.

Now you have an additional button in your inventory, on it you can see your levels in each of their segments, as well as buy new skills.
Now when you hover over an item, you can see the required levels to use it:
With this mod, the days of simple minecraft are over, now you need to try to get the opportunity to use cool tools, weapons and magic, but this is cool, real variety in the game.

How to install the mod:
1) Install Forge Install all additional mods if indicated.

2) Download mod and copy to .minecraft/mods.

3) Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.