Goki Stats

Mod Goki Stats - will bring minecraft closer to the RPG genre by adding a player leveling system, you can accumulate and spend experience points to purchase improvements to the player's capabilities, upgrade mining, running, fighting skills, making the player stronger and faster. Similar mechanics are found in RPG games and allow you to develop the player.

Improvements and their properties:

  • Mining - Increases the speed of mining with a mining tool. (Pickax)
  • Digging - Increases digging speed. (Shovel)
  • Chopping - Increases chopping speed. (Axe)
  • Gardening - Increases cutting speed. (Scissors)
  • Tough Skin - Reduces damage taken from explosions.
  • Tempering - Reduces damage from lava and fire.
  • Protection - Reduces damage taken from most mob attacks.
  •  LeaperH - Allows you to jump further while sprinting.
  •  LeaperV - Allows you to jump higher while sprinting.
  •  Climbing - Allows you to crawl on walls. (The higher the level, the faster you climb)
  • Athleticism - Allows you to swim faster.
  • Feather Fall - Reduces fall damage.
  •  Steady Guard - Less knockback when blocking.
  • Swordsmanship - Much more sword damage.
  • Bowmanship - Much more bow damage.
  • Reaper - Adds a chance to kill your victim with one hit.
  • Furnace Finesse - Cook faster when using the Furnace.
  •  Stealth - Allows you to move faster stealthily.
  • Treasure Finder - Search for additional items when cleaning blocks.

A special menu will appear in the game on the Y key, there you will see a lot of icons, each icon is some kind of improvement. Hover over the icon with the cursor, and the name, function and cost in XP (experience) for pumping appear. Also at the top appears the inscription "How much is there%". You can improve any skill up to 100%, and the closer to 100%, the more expensive the upgrade, but the cooler your player becomes.